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Security Press is a Seattle commercial printer that has been in business for over 60 years. We are a company committed to long term relationships as well as long term employees (15- 25 years per employee). In an effort to maintain good stewardship, we collectively work on operational methods that reduce our environmental footprint. We believe in an ongoing dialog around impactful business decisions that create a balanced triple bottom line system: economic, social and environment.

Recently we have been asked, what are our environmental practices within our print production process? Below is a list of some of our "best" practices. It is Security Press's goal to maintain and improve the level with which we address the following:


We engage with our clients at the beginning of the process to create the best results within budget and timeline requirements. We encourage recycled paper with the highest PCW content when appropriate.


We utilize local vendors for the majority of our purchases in order to reduce shipping costs and decrease turnaround times.


Whenever possible, we use the PDF workflow to reduce proofing materials as well as proofing rounds. This decreases courier and additional paper output costs. Used printing plates are recycled for their aluminum content with Pacific Iron & Metal.


All waste paper (pre production) and post consumer is sent to International Paper (formerly Weyerhaeuser recycling facility). Used pallets/skids are either reused in the printing facility or sent back to the paper distributor for reuse.
Make ready sheets are used 2-3x before recycled.
Office copy paper : we purchase 100% recycled content and recycle waste.


Security press uses environmentally friendly Ecopure INX inks. These inks have low VOC emissions thereby helping to protect the environment and our employees.
Waste inks are trapped in rags and sent to Aramark for cleaning and reuse.
Waste fountain solutions/solvents that we purchase meet CA regulatory standards, the toughest in the nation and are sent to Safety Kleen for recycling.


All scrap, make-ready and cardboard are sent to International Paper Trucking (formerly Weyerhaeuser) for recycling.


Pallets are reused or shipped back to suppliers for reuse. Large deliveries are scheduled with the appropriate freight carriers to fill a truck and avoid multiple trips or wasted space on a large vehicle.


We readily maintain all equipment to avoid breakdowns and the purchasing of new equipment. We support suppliers that are environmentally responsible.


We purchase company paper products, such as toilet tissue, paper towels, napkins that have post-consumer content as well as buying in bulk to reduce carton waste.


Our employees all live within a 30 mile radius of the plant. They use public transportation, bicycles, walk and carpool to work whenever possible.


Our future initiatives are: reducing spoilage, possibly composting, a potential green roof, and participating in a commercial recycling "audit".

We invite you to ask us questions for deeper clarification.

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